below the knee prothesis

A below-knee (BK) prosthesis will typically consist of a custom-made socket, a pylon and a foot. Sometimes a suspension sleeve or harness may also be necessary.
The Triton Harmony volume management system. We've taken two of our best prosthetic systems, the Triton carbon fibre foot and the Harmony volume management system and combined them to make one of the best below-knee systems available. By improving linkage with your leg, the Harmony system improves your gait
The Harmony volume management prosthesis. By improving linkage with your leg, Harmony improves your gait and increases security, providing confidence and connection with each step. The latest Harmony P4 pump combines superb suspension, torsion, and vertical shock into a compact and streamlined package.
A below knee (BK) or transtibial (TT) prosthesis is custom made for a person who has had a BK or TT amputation. The prosthesis consists of a custom made socket, liner, pylon, and foot. Sometimes the prosthesis may consist of a sleeve or other harness, depending on the suspension system used for that patient.
General Description: There are many types of below knee prostheses. The type that an amputee is fit with depends on the shape of the residual limb, activity level, prognosis, and individual preference. In order to wear a below knee prosthesis, a method of suspension must be used to keep the prosthesis on the user's limb,
The majority of below knee amputations are performed on individuals aged 65 and older. While any amputation is a life-changing event, it is important to remember that amputations are viewed as a reconstruction surgery with the goal of returning the patient to a normal life. Advances in medical technology and prosthetics
By adding a small ledge below the knee cap and shaping the socket to apply pressure to either side of the shin bone (tibia), a transtibial amputee is able to stand fully on their prosthetic limb with little to no discomfort. The tendon that attaches the knee cap to the shin bone (the patellar tendon) is very strong and can take a lot
Information on MCOP's high performance prosthetics for below knee amputees. Learn about the latest prosthetic technology and the most skilled prosthetists.
This is an abbreviated version of the introduction to a 33 minute detailed educational, training, and ...

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